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Business Growing Pains


What is it that Inhibits Business Growth and Makes Business Owners Feel Stuck?

Businesses must grow – If a business doesn’t continue to grow, it dies. – However if it doesn’t grow in the right way or the right direction, it struggles to breathe.

Peter Ellis identifies the key elements. skills and resources are required for a business to transition between small business and successfully grow to a medium business.

The data, research and anecdotal evidence provided on this blog comes from a four year research project in his Doctor of Business focussed on management education and a further for years for a PhD in Business size development.

The research examined over 200 businesses transitioning between small business to medium size business and identifies firstly what designates the size of a private sector enterprise business. It also identifies, through his practical work with over 30 years’ experience, in business growth strategy and successfully mentoring hundreds of businesses owners through a successful growth cycle.

Dr Peter Ellis

Dr Peter Ellis

Business Coach & Mentor

From the Site Coordinator

Peter and I have spent the last few years working as consultants and strategists.  I have been working predominantly with growth from the perspective of growing sales and the number of clients through traffic generation and conversion strategies. Over the last five years, I have worked on well over 100 different campaigns in all industries.  Peter has spent his time as a Growth Specialist and has research and written about what affects a business that is growing and hinders their growth either through leadership or a lack of structure.

We realised that our two disciplines brought together along with our unique skills make for an unbeatable collaboration and believe that we can offer value that goes well beyond any online course bought from a box.  We know that in the case of growing a business, one size does not fit all.  It’s easy to spout generic ideas that don’t take into account disruption and changes in the cost of marketing and reach.  There is plenty of so called agencies and consultants doing this in a way that causes harm and distrust.

We hope that in providing you complete ideas in our articles, you will be able to use some of these to alleviate some of the growing pains you are experience, as well as differentiate between the hype you see so much of and essential core ideas and guides


Andrew Brabant

Site Coordinator

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What Are Business Growing Pains?

Business growing pains are the pain that the business or the founders experience as a business goes from start up to small business, small business to medium business or medium business to large business.

Peter’s research has looked at the transitional pain that businesses experience, put simply when a business gets stuck in between small and medium, or startup and small.  Each of these business sizes are in fact large jumps in strategy, financial undertaking, technology and staffing.  You can think about it a bit like car racing industry.  To reach Formula 1 or even any level of professional racing, you need a team, mechanics, drivers, sponsors, deep pockets and lots and lots of practice on the circuit.  You can’t take your homebuilt go-cart to a pro race event without learning some savage lessons.

The same goes for a business, if you want to go from a small business to a medium size business and the reason that I pick on this size transition is it is the most common sticking point for a lot of businesses. You need to make a plan to grow your business that doesn’t just include more marketing to get more customers.  You need a plan and a strategy, you need a vision that you can follow as a road map.